Tucker’s Raw Frozen and Treats Debuts Food Bar at SuperZoo

Tucker’s Raw Frozen and Treats is launching a first-of-its-kind dehydrated food, called Carnibar, at SuperZoo (booth 4068), the manufacturer reported.

“We created Carnibar because we saw a need for an easier way to feed dehydrated diets,” said Jeff Kalish, founder and CEO. “There are so many different food options today; we wanted to bring to market a new category of simplicity and convenience. The ability to have a carnivore diet at your fingertips without needing to do any preparation or planning was our goal. Just peel open the package and feed the bars to your dog.”

Carnibar is a complete and balanced food for dogs with a focus on carnivore nutrition. The individually wrapped bars are the same formulas used in Tucker’s Complete and Balanced Raw diets, but in dehydrated form. The bars contain 95 percent meat, bone and organ, and 5 percent fiber. With 500 kcal per package, Carnibar provides a large amount of nutrition in the smallest form available, the company stated.