New Company Launch at SuperZoo: Pup IQ

Pup IQ is officially launching its new pet product lines at SuperZoo (booth 3159).

Born from a passion for pursuing a higher standard of pet products comprised of the very best materials, Pup IQ features all handcrafted, quality-made products that utilize advanced engineering and premium materials to ensure unparalleled quality, the company reported.

“Our focus is on making smart pet products for smart pet parents, and we know there are many pet owners out there looking for a higher standard of pet products, accessories and add-ons,” said Trevor Crotts, president of Pup IQ. “We believe that our animals are not just pets—they are part of the family. We want to provide the highest caliber of products designed with passion and intelligent engineering.”

All Pup IQ products are sewn with “smart” Kevlar thread and made in the USA, ensuring durability, sustainability and quality, according to the company.

The initial lineup debuting in the company’s booth includes dog beds, car seat protector covers, place mats and more.

Pup IQ is composed of the same team behind BuddyRest Pet Products.