Natura Petz Organics Launches New Products

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Natura Petz Organics (booth 9060) is adding eight new organic, nutritive formulas to its superfood meal toppers for dogs and cats line. The new formulas include Daily Greens Glow Topper, Digestion Meal Topper, Ecosulin Meal Topper, Immune Health Meal Topper, Lumps and Bumps Meal Topper, Omega 3 Complete Meal Topper and Petabolics One & Done Dog Daily Meal Topper.

“I am thrilled to make these important additions to our organic nutritive superfood meal topper line, offering pet parents yet more convenient and affordable ways to make life healthier for their beloved pet companions,” said Heidi L. Nevala, founder and president of Natura Petz Organics. “Our meal toppers are available in 20 varieties, in sleekly designed and colorful tins, which are retail ready and shelf stable. Each topper is uniquely formulated and contains organic, health-promoting, flavored ingredients, which are based on years of research.”

The company also is showing its new PawR treat line, made from specialty adaptogen herbs including maca and turmeric, plus superfoods, essential fatty acids and a proprietary blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, macro and micro nutrients, and other primary and secondary metabolites. The line includes the PawR Bar, PawR Bites and PawR Crumbles.

The Petabolics Meal Balancer, a complete meal balancer for adult and senior dog diets, will be on display at the booth as well. It was developed in partnership with Ken Tudor, DVM, a contributing author for

All of the products are made in the USA.