Hyper Pet Introduces Petlogix Brand, Toys

Hyper Pet LLC of Wichita, Kan., introduced Petlogix, a new brand of toys for dogs of all sizes and life stage, and debuted several new products from the brand. Petlogix dog toys are designed to encourage mental and physical enrichment while providing a happy, bonding playtime experience for pets and their owners, the company stated.

The Petlogix line of EVA Chews are made of lightweight, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam that allows dog teeth of all sizes to penetrate the toy, but the high-quality material retain its shape and durable form. The resilient dental health chews float in water, are safe and quiet on hardwood floor surfaces and come in three designs: The Ridge Ball (available in Small, Medium and Large sizes), The Twisty Stick (Small, Medium and Large) and The Shell Disc (Small and Medium/Large).

Specifically designed for puppies and small dogs, Petlogix Lil’ Barks offer a broad range of toy styles and include designs made of plush, durable fabrics, dog-safe rubbers and rope toys. The line offers traditional shapes like bone, football, stick and tennis ball, as well as playful frog, turtle and canary toy options.

Some of the Lil’ Barks toys, like the Chew Band and Rocket, include a chicken flavoring to entice the pets, and the Rocket can hold training treats, if desired.

Offering a variety of interchangeable throw accessories, Petlogix’s Zinger is designed for medium and large dogs and Zinger Junior for small dogs and puppies. They throw up to 100 feet, and the angle at the top can be adjusted easily to match the throwers style and alter each throw’s trajectory, the company stated.

Initial accessories include: the Zing Shot, with a tennis felt texture; the Zing Cube, a soft square for use in smaller environments; and the Zing Bumpy, with an uneven surface that provides irregular bounce. All of the Zing toys float.

Visit Hyper Pet and Petlogiz at SuperZoo 2016 in Las Vegas at Booth #4103.