BabelBark Unveils Free Online Portal, Mobile App at SuperZoo

BabelBark, a pet related software developer, is unveiling the first fully functional and live mobile application and software platform at SuperZoo booth 2153, the company reported. Now out of beta, the free app and portal connects pet owners, pet retailers, service providers and veterinarians to improve the management of pets’ lives and provide tracking, marketing and sales opportunities for pet providers to increase revenue.

BizBark for pet businesses, including pet stores, dog boarders, walker, sitters and groomers, is a free software platform and online portal that helps pet businesses:

  • Connect with customers and allowing them to share their brand preference and detailed pet profiles
  • Create targeted promotions for upselling products and services for increased revenue
  • Enable customers to easily schedule and pay for services online

BabelBark for pet owners, a free mobile app, helps manage every aspect of their dog’s life and:

  • Connect them with their favorite pet businesses and veterinarian to make scheduling and payments a breeze
  • Track detailed activity through an optional pet fitness monitor
  • Store and securely sharing medical records, brand preferences and care information
  • Receive alerts for appointment reminders, coupons, discounts and more

“For the past several months while in beta, BabelBark has shown to be very effective in helping pet parents manage and keep track of their dog’s health and activity, while helping them stay in closer contact with all the service and product providers they utilize to more effectively manage their dog’s life,” said Roy Stein, founder and CEO of BabelBark.

“Also just out of beta, BizBark, the online portal for pet retailers, service providers and veterinarians has shown to be a very effective, popular and inexpensive way for those who serve the pet industry to communicate more effectively with their customers and clients, and at the same time provide them with amazing customer management and marketing tools to keep their businesses running more smoothly and effectively, while increasing sales and revenue,” added Stein.

The mobile app for pet owners is now available for iOS via the App Store; pet businesses can sign up for the BizBark online portal via the BizBark website. Visit BabelBark at booth 2153 for more information and to see the app and online portal live, or visit